Groot Ship Design supplies design for Pure-Electric Tanker for Japan.

Recently Groot Ship Design successfully completed and delivered the concept design for the ‘e5 project’ under development in Japan.

More information

The project is initiated by Japan based Asahi Tanker Co, Ltd and Exeno-Yamamitzu Corporation, targeting to introduce a new type of bunker vessel with zero emissions.

Working already together on two other projects Exeno-Yamamitzu approached Groot Ship Design in 2018 to participate in this project. After studying the wishes of Asahi, making clear the operating profile and available technologies a design for a 1,300 cubm bunker tanker was prepared.

Result is an extremely environmentally friendly design incorporating:

• High maneuverability, by using two azimuth trhusters and a single bowthruster
• Electric propulsion package, including battery power and a single generator set
as back up facility
• Auto mooring system for mooring alongside large vessels
• Shore connection – charging facility
• High level, comfortable accommodation facility
• No ballast water required for normal daily operations

See here the original press release from Asahi / Exeno.