Inspection Enclosed Spaces with drone

RIMS BV (Robotica in Maintenance Strategies BV) launched inspection service of enclosed spaces to the Maritime and Offshore Industry, using the drone Elios.

RIMS BV, founded in 2015 by David Knukkel, Sr. Maintenance Consultant in Maritime and Offshore Industry, with a clear mission to replace all high-risk & resource intensive maintenance activities with smarter drone and robotic technologies to increase safety and cost efficient operations.

One of the major focus of RIMS was to realise safe inspections of enclosed spaces. During market research and visiting several Universities of Holland and Switzerland, a Swiss company Flyability gave a presentation of their drone Elios. It is a drone with a cage, and perfect suitable to enter enclosed spaces and inspect the areas.

With the partners Rotterdam Offshore Group, Rolldock and Flyability, under supervision of Class, RIMS carried out a test on board of the Rolldock Sky to check whether the controls and data transfer would be okay in a ballast tank and duct keel. These tests were successful completed:

Times are changing fast and the door to a new “world” is already open. Some technology which can change operations is already available, some only should be made ready for the applications. It is not a matter if technology will change the market, but when and how the voyage will be. It is time for the Maritime and Offshore Industry to raise the strategic question: what can robotics mean for my company.

Hiring local unexperienced employees, sceptics against technology and changes and questions like where to start, all actual challenges of leading shipping and oil companies. RIMS can support these organizations in finding solutions. With offering inspection services with new technology RIMS wants to show the industry that many things are already possible, and things become possible within the near future.

So do not hesitate to call RIMS or one of the other partners to take a glance of what this new technology can mean for you and your company and find out all about the safety and financial related benefits of the inspection service offered.

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