In the highly competitive world of maritime technology it is essential to have a sound legal framework for your contracts. Members of Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) can use the purchasing and sales conditions as per the various forms here below. These conditions are sub-divided for maritime suppliers on the one hand and shipyards on the other.

Copyright in these conditions is vested with branch organization NMT. Members of NMT are allowed to use and copy these conditions free of charge. Non-members can obtain a paid license for any use of copying of these conditions with NMT.

NMT publishes these conditions as a courtesy towards its members. Neither NMT nor the drafter of these conditions is in any way and on any ground liable towards the user of these conditions for the use of these conditions in the user’s business practice. Any use of these conditions by the user in its business practice shall be solely for the user’s own risk. By using the specific conditions the user accepts such limitation of liability.

Maritime suppliers

General Purchase Conditions 2020


Purchase Conditions VNSI 31 12 2018

General Yard Conditions 31 12 2018