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Alewijnse's energy expedition: explore a safe and sustainable future at Europort

September 25 2023

Step into the future of safe and sustainable energy in a changing maritime world at the Alewijnse stand (Hall 1, stand 1308) at Europort in Rotterdam Ahoy, from 7 to 10 November 2023.

Safe and sustainable energy

Within the theme #SafeSustainableEnergy, Alewijnse will introduce the latest trends in electrical engineering and automation that are vital to our maritime ecosystem: digitalisation, energy transition and next generation systems.

Sustainability on course

The maritime sector is an international industry in motion. New technologies, developments and areas of work follow each other in rapid succession. As a systems integrator, Alewijnse likes to work together with its customers and partners to combine our knowledge and jointly take the next steps into a sustainable future. That way shipbuilders, owners and crew can reap the benefits of the best high-end systems and techniques.

Optimising electrical power systems

One of the most recent sustainable applications that Alewijnse has developed, is our innovative suite of tools designed for streamlined modelling and simulations. These effectively automate the engineering workflow and enhance the efficiency of electrical power systems. This not only translates to significant savings in terms of time and money but also mitigates potential risks. 

With this achievement Alewijnse stands out as a pioneer the field, making us one of the select few enterprises capable of delivering such advanced systems to the maritime sector.

In line with this we introduce cutting edge sustainable simulation models that focus on hybrid battery energy solutions, return on investment projections, battery type selections, and insightful event analyses of DP2/DP3 vessels.

Alewijnse - CEDA Pitch Talk

If you want to learn more about our innovations, join us on Thursday, November 9th, from 15:15 to 15:30, to the Alewijnse presentation on automated engineering during the CEDA Innovation Pitch Talks at the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre (RACC).

Taking automation to new heights

While sustainability considerations are vital, safety takes centre stage in our solutions for the maritime market. On our stand at Europort you can discover our innovative systems architectures for automation, created in close cooperation with our clients. 

The results are unique network control systems that can withstand network storms and cyber-attacks. We incorporate the latest redundancy techniques, enabling safe and efficient operations and ensuring maximum availability, accuracy and safety.


Guests will also get to experience the difference that our latest dynamic lighting control system makes when installed on various types of vessels. And for a touch of enjoyment, they can test their mettle in an exclusive flight/dive simulator located at our booth.

Find out more about the Alewijnse presentation at Europort in the run-up to the event by following our hashtag #SafeSustainableEnergy on social media.


We hope to see you at the Alewijnse booth 1308 to enjoy a We Connect superb coffee experience prepared by our barista, each day. Finally, you are more than welcome to join us for the Alewijnse party on Thursday 9 November from 17:00 to 20:00 hrs.

Register now via: using the registration link: lNTWO000368TUL

See you soon!