Alewijnse to deliver advanced electrical engineering and automation for KNRM's new rescue boats

July 3 2023

Alewijnse, a leading provider of electrical engineering solutions and services, has announced a new order relating to three Van Wijk class rescue boats that will join the fleet of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (KNRM). The vessels will be built at Dok en Scheepsbouw Woudsend, a renowned Dutch shipyard.

This order is part of a series of eight Van Wijk class rescue boats being built for KNRM, with Alewijnse providing the electrical engineering solutions, the alarm and monitoring systems (AMS) and the navigation and communications equipment for each vessel. Designed for fast and efficient rescue operations, the Van Wijk class rescue boats are known for their superior performance, reliability and safety.

The construction is part of KNRM's overall fleet renewal, in which 77 lifeboats will be replaced in the period between 2021 and 2039. Modern, reliable and safe equipment is very important for KNRM to ensure that rescuers can carry out their work safely and on time, in all weather conditions. The vessels will be deployed at various KNRM rescue stations along the Dutch coast.

"We are delighted to have secured this order," says Martin Terpstra, segment manager Dredging, Offshore & Transport at Alewijnse. "The Van Wijk class lifeboats are an important addition to the KNRM fleet and we are proud to be able to provide advanced electrical and automation solutions for these vessels. With this we hope to take a step towards more successful projects for other national and international rescue organisations."

Alewijnse has a long track record in providing high-quality electrical engineering and automation solutions and services to the maritime industry. Its expertise in this field, combined with its strong relationships with leading shipyards, make it an ideal partner for any shipbuilding project.

The company has also worked successfully with Dok en Scheepsbouw Woudsend for many years. "Alewijnse's extensive experience in fast-moving complex offshore patrol vessels is invaluable,” continues Martin Terpstra, “as is the delivery of reliable alarm monitoring systems on board these vessels. In addition, our 24/7 service demonstrates that we can provide top-quality service at any time on all vessels and at any location."

The cooperation between the two companies builds on previously successful joint projects with Windcat Offshore’s crew transfer vessels (CTVs). These are used for the daily transport of technical personnel, equipment and other payloads to and from wind farms in the waters of North-West Europe.

“We are confident that our cooperation with Alewijnse will result in the delivery of three excellent Van Wijk class lifeboats,” said Gert-Jan Wijker, senior project manager newbuild at the KNRM. “These vessels will play a crucial role in our mission to save lives at sea and we are pleased to be partnering with Alewijnse on this important project."

The new order is expected to create jobs in the shipbuilding industry and is a positive development for the Dutch maritime sector.