Interreg North Sea Region: WASP

The European Interreg programme for the North Sea Region facilitates transnational cooperation between 49 regions in 7 countries in the North Sea Region to tackle the main challenges these regions are facing within four priority themes: 1) Thinking about growth; 2) Eco-innovation; 3) Sustainable North Sea area; 4) Green transport and mobility.

Decarbonisation of shipping is one of the greatest maritime challenge and the demand for low carbon solutions is growing. In the research project WASP, it is being investigated how wind propulsion technology and thus solutions can be more commercially attractive for the future in the North Sea region.


The European innovation project WASP, abbreviation for Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion , is part of this program and focuses on the research, trial and validation of operational performance of a selection of wind propulsion technologies and solutions.

Het WASP project includes the installation of a selection of wind propulsion technologies or so-called WPT (Wind Propulsion Technologies) for five commercial vessels. )

By setting up WPT trails, the project provides validated research data. This can improve WPT concepts and the business case, which should lead to an acceleration of WPT market penetration.

Ultimately, the project will contribute to greener maritime transport in and around the North Sea through harvesting the regions abundant wind potential.


Subjects that will be researched during the project include:

  1. Engineering WPT; installation, operation of WPT on vessels.
  2. Policy & Viable business; implications of WPT on the business case, regulation and policy.
  3. Operating & performance WPT: demonstration of WPT, performance indicators and assessment


The project is being coordinated by Netherlands Maritime Technology Foundation (NMTF) and funded by a contribution from the Interreg North Sea Region program, part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Within the WASP project, NMTF is the project coordinator and also the point of contact for the 14 project partners from seven European countries. The project partners are located at: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom and Sweden. In addition to the project coordinator tasks, NMTF also makes a contribution to dissemination of knowledge and research into regulatory aspects.

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The project started in June 2019 and will run for almost four years until the first quarter in 2023.

If you would like to know more about WASP, please check out this website: