Exploration report: Safety of data – The risks of cyber security in the maritime sector

Technological developments in the maritime sector are increasing in terms of data exchange, continuous connectivity and automation. There is no doubt that these developments have great benefits, but with the implementation of more and more technology also the the dependency on technology grows. This opens a pathway for others to make use of this dependency and interfere certain processes without permission of the cargo-owner, charterer, operator or ship-owner.

The urgency of the issue of cyber security motivated Netherlands Maritime Technology to conduct an exploration on this topic.

This exploration:

  •  Informs ship-owner, shipyards and suppliers about the motivations / reasons for cyber incidents
  • Creates awareness within the sector regarding the risks, roles and responsibilities and possible solutions
  •  Informs organizations within the maritime sector on the specific guidelines for cyber security in the maritime domain. This exploration doesn’t include new guidelines, it refers to the existing guidelines and the commonalities

The report can be downloaded via the following link: NMT_Safety of data The risks of cyber security in the maritime sector

This project was made available by Nederland Maritiem Land Foundation and the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs.