SEA Europe attends the 7th EU-China shipbuilding meeting

The 7th EU-China Shipbuilding meeting was held on 16-17 October in Monfalcone (Italy), and attended by high-level EU and Chinese Government and Industry delegations. The EU delegation included several European Commission services (DG GROW, DG TRADE, DG MOVE) as well as SEA Europe and the European Chamber of Commerce to China. Delegations discussed current developments in the shipbuilding markets, including overcapacity, low prices and subsidisation, as well as the latest policy developments in each region. A significant part of the discussions was devoted to trade aspects, namely ways to ensuring a global level playing field and fair market access. Delegations also discussed the main technological challenges ahead of the sector – decarbonisation, digitisation and automation and opportunities for further collaboration. Both Parties agreed on the need of further bilateral exchanges with an objective to finding effective solutions to the key problems that affect the shipbuilding sector. The Meeting was followed by a short visit to the Fincantieri Monfalcone Shipyard.