Inland navigation, fishing and small seagoing vessels

This category did exceptionally good business in 2018, with the dry docks and quaysides continuously busy. The order intake of luxury river cruise vessels in particular increased considerably over the previous year, and a great deal of maintenance work was carried out. In 2018, the yards in this segment received construction contracts for 185 new vessels (198 in 2017) and delivered 183 (155 in 2017). While the number of new commissions fell slightly, the number of deliveries grew nicely. The order book remained stable with 143 vessels in the portfolio at the end of 2018 (146 in 2017).

Superyacht construction

The size and value of superyachts continues to increase. Yacht builders are anticipating that this development will continue and are constructing new production facilities that can handle larger vessels. Twenty-five superyachts were delivered in 2018 (the same as in 2017) with a value of €1.5 billion (€1.2 billion in 2017), while 16 new orders were received (18 in 2017) with a value of almost €1.1 billion (€1.2 billion in 2017). The collective order book contained 50 superyachts (57 in 2017) with a value of almost €4.1 billion (€4.5 billion in 2017).