Discover cool maritime startup companies in NMT's Startup corner in the NL Pavilion at SMM 2022

5 september 2022

In the NL-Lounge of NMT's NL-Pavilion at SMM 2022, you will find three maritime startups. Young companies with a lot of potential and an annual turnover growth of at least 20%. Meet ATLA Propulsion Controls, Blue WASP and POWERON. Thom Muis is the owner of ATLA Propulsion Controls. He explains, "ATLA Propulsion Controls was born out of a problem demand from customers I had contact with during the time I worked as a service coordinator at AEGIR Marine. The problem was then, and still is now, that automation systems are often only supported by the original manufacturer. But when the manufacturer releases a new generation there remains no support at all for the old system. As a result, customers are faced with high costs, and good components end up on the scrap heap prematurely. ATLA supports them in the demand for service and parts for their older systems. In addition, ATLA supplies completely new systems when needed, and we provide appropriate advice on these systems." Thom did not hesitate when the offer came along to participate in SMM: "SMM is the largest maritime trade fair in Europe. The fair is a perfect time to introduce ATLA Propulsion Controls to the maritime industry. I hope to get in touch with shipping companies and look forward to good conversations in which I can convince them of the quality we can deliver." For more information, see Giovanni Bordogna, Founding Partner & Aerodynamics Lead, represents Blue Wasp Marine. A promising maritime startup. Giovanni: “Blue Wasp Marine is an engineering consultancy specialised in wind-assisted ship propulsion, stemming from more than 10 years PhD research on wind hybrid vessels. We offer independent technical advice and unbiased performance predictions, guiding our clients from a preliminary assessment throughout the installation phase.” He explains why Blue Wasp Marine is participating in the SMM trade show with conviction: “SMM is one of the most important fairs for the maritime industry, and we are delighted to join the growing contingent of wind propulsion companies, representing a truly clean alternative for the shipping industry. For a young company like ours, it is an incredible boost to participate in an event like SMM, we simply could not miss it! At SMM, we hope to form connections with new clients and potential partners. The wind assist market is growing rapidly, however many shipowners and operators still have doubts or are simply unaware of what wind-assisted propulsion can do for them. As an independent party, Blue Wasp can support them to navigate through the different technologies available in the market and overcome their reluctance.” For more information, see Bas Bokkinga, Managing Partner, and his colleague Ruben van den Berg, also Managing Partner, are representing POWERON at the SMM exhibition this week. Bas explains what POWERON does: "POWERON specializes in energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions in the field of electrical drive technology and energy facilities, particularly in maritime applications such as permanent magnet (PM) technology. This includes electric motors, PTI/PTO systems and (shaft) generators. PM & Asynchronous motors up to frame 1120 in low and medium voltage. We do this in cooperation with various international partners. With our partner DRIVEWERX® we focus specifically on the maritime market with a focus on (main) propulsion and bow thrusters. In addition to electric motors, we are the exclusive representative of Solcon/IGEL, among other things specialized in soft starter panels for thrusters." Participating in SMM was a no-brainer: "With our products we focus strongly on the maritime sector. SMM is an important international trade fair where we hope to meet existing and new relations and expand our business network. We also want to work at the fair to increase the brand awareness of POWERON and our DRIVEWERX® brand." For more information, see The startups and other exhibitors in the NL Pavilion at SMM 2022, look forward to seeing you this week. The coffee is ready!