We are ADSE! An independent Dutch engineering and consulting firm, passionate about transport systems. Planes, trains, ships and automobiles, that’s what we like!We are with 70+ highly skilled engineers and consultants and have our main office in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. Since we were founded in 1996, we have shared our extensive knowledge of the aerospace industry with customers in many other domains. Next to aerospace, we serve the rail, defence and maritime industry to customers around the world.Our services include engineering, consulting, certification and technical project management. We structure complex projects, where integration, validation and verification of different systems is required.With our services, we contribute to improve the sustainability of the Dutch maritime fleet. That is why ADSE has committed itself to the Maritiem Masterplan; 30 emission-free and future proof ships by 2030. This challenge requires thorough understanding of the lifecycle of these ships, from well to wave. By using Model-Based Systems Engineering, we help create a digital overview of the entire ship, its sub-systems and their interaction. This allows for transparent coordination between engineers, subcontractors, yards and operators.We look forward to supporting you with your sustainability goals!

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