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Bender Benelux BV has specialized itself, during 75 years, in protecting electrical installations in special environments. For example: hospitals, chemical industries, renewable energy plants and maritime & offshore applications.Bender offers comprehensive know-how and solutions for all offshore and onshore maritime applications, from civil and military ships and submarines to crane and container systems.Whether the seas are calm or rough, the outstanding reliability of the products is the result of Bender’s extensive experience in using these devices, even under extreme environmental conditions. This means, for example, Bender products also meet the requirements for marine armed forces in Germany, NATO and many other countries around the world.Modern seagoing ships are supplied by at least 4 large diesel generators which operate in an unearthed system. Monitoring for insulation faults using the common 3 lamp method is neither safe nor does it conform to standards. The use of modern methods based on the AMP measurement principle also makes sense due to the massive frequency converters used. It must also always be guaranteed that the partially coupled generators are safely monitored. Bender ISOMETER®s achieve this. One of the key components of shipping engineering is the main machine with its auxiliary generators, kettle systems, auxiliary diesel and the generators for power generation and loading pumps. The main distribution boards on-board the tankers are generally designed

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