Chugoku Paints BV

Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. was formed in 1917 in Hiroshima, Japan and since then became a worldwide recognized manufacturer of Marine Coatings, supplying its products from more than 80 countries.Chugoku Paints BV based in Fijnaart is the headquarters in Europe, supporting the sales and service activities of the main offices/service centers in Scandanavia, Iberia, UK, Germany, Turkey and Greece as well as covering all other European marine countries from the Netherlands base.Major investment into R&D has seen the Chugoku product offer evolve over the last 10 years and today includes VOC compliant products and excellent anti foulings meeting the European BPD directives and REACh.Chugoku were able to move forward with SEA GRANDPRIX 1000, silyl technology which has proven to be the most competent technology over the last 15 years. SEA GRANDPRIX 1000 has an extensive track record of excellent performance on thousands of ships. Recently, SEAGRANDPRIX 1000-L, 3rd generation silyl anti fouling was introduced, offering in service periods of up to 90 months.CMP also launched SEAFLO NEO SERIES anti foulings, which reduce VOC and are self leveling with application, thus bringing smoothness to a level previously not seen in any anti fouling paint and contributing significantly to fuel efficiency/economy.

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