Georg Fischer NV

Georg Fischer AG is a Swiss company, founded 1802 in Schaffhausen. The company with about 14.000 employees is world wide active and has three divisions. Georg Fischer Piping Systems is one of them. More than 5.000 employees globally work at this division. The Dutch sales company of Georg Fischer Piping Systems is located in Epe and is responsible for all sales and marketing activities for the Dutch market. Georg Fischer N.V. has 34 employees.Georg Fischer Piping Systems is manufacturer of high quality components for plastic piping systems (PVC-U, ABS, PVC-C, PP, PE, PVDF and PB). Around the world the products and systems are used in many market segments. One of them is ship building and offshore.Ships and offshore platforms are not only floating cities but are also essential for the worlds economy. Therefore, preventing corrosion is more important here than anywhere else. With GF Piping Systems, corrosion is no longer an issue. Cost-effective and high-quality plastics are your right choice.Ā  We will help you increase production by reducing maintenance time and overall operational cost. For different applications on board we have a lot of piping systems to choice of:Our ABS, PVC-C and PVC-U solvent cement systems and our fusion-jointed systems, PE100 and FUSEALĀ® Sea Drain, are all ideal for waste water. These plastics can be used even at very low temperatures. Like all our plastic systems, they do not corrode and therefore provide a much longer service life. Additionally, they

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