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Controlling, transforming and protecting electricity are indispensable processes when it comes to power transportation and distribution.  Without power electronics, it is impossible to provide end users with the right amount of electricity. A simple example is the difference between a metro and an electric car. Both vehicles are electrically powered, but have different energy sources and energy consumption.By applying power electronics to the distribution network, the electrical energy is transformed, controlled, switched and protected. These ‘processes’ are performed by various power electronics components such as semiconductors, fuses, capacitors and resistors. Depending on the application, the solution can be complex.With an extensive range of components for direct and alternating voltage, the Power Electronics division of KWx provides solutions for all power electronics related challenges. In addition to standard catalog products from top suppliers, the strength of this division lies in co-creating customer specific solutions. KWx specializes in offering solutions that find their application in DC networks.Due to several innovations on this particular field the market position as innovative supplier and specialist in DC solutions will be further expanded throughout the years.The in-depth technical experience in combination with the strong and extensive network enables KWx to provide their customers with customized solutions in almost every area of power electronics. These

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