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Lamers System Care B.V. (LSC) is a provider of system solutions in the area of Industry, Maritime and Agriculture. In the year 2016 Lamers System Care has started as an independant consultant and distributor for Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems. Besides being a supplier, Lamers System Care B.V. can be contracted for Interim Management assignments and Advise. Lamers System Care B.V. has more than 25 years of technical experience with hydraulic systems, automation technology and system technology in branches like Maritime Industry and in several sorts of production processes.Ultrasonic Antifouling SystemsIn the Maritime Industry, biofilm and marine growth are massive issues which causes tremendous operational costs and downtime. Wether problems occur in coolers, pipes, on propellers or hulls, marine growth and invasive species form a headache to shipowners in general. The traditional methods to prevent growth are mostly not the most environmentally friendly systems.For this reason, Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems can be the answer to prevent biofilm and growth in a sustainable way. As exclusive distributor of Sonihull, Lamers System Care B.V. can advise how to protect marine equipment against fouling, in general. Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems already exist since 2006 which makes this product the most experienced one in this segment.

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