Dedicated to providing the complete electric drive pumping solutions you needAs a Dutch company working in the maritime industry for 40 years, we are proud to provide new solutions to the market and drive it forward. We are a truly global company but continue to honor our roots by designing all our products in the Netherlands.MarFlex is an electric drive pumping solutions manufacturer for maritime, offshore, and industrial markets; our pumps are currently installed on inland and sea-going ships, as well as at offshore platforms and tank storage. Our strength is providing a complete electric pumping solution to our customers consisting of electric motor-driven pumps and frequency converter drives (Variable Speed Drive System) with an optional remote access feature. The use of VSDS allows complete speed control of the deck-mounted electric motor-driven pump, contributing to deck chatter reduction.The system is designed and built in-house in our factory in the Netherlands. Our pumps make a complete pumping solution best suited to your needs, combined with control panels manufactured by our sister company.Our electric-driven pump solutions are efficient, sustainable, coming with smart protection software with extensive engineering calculations.Our Objectives

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