Marine Service Noord (MSN BV)


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MSN designs, produces and installs engine room and cargo handling installations for various types of sea-going and inland vessels.Since 1988, the company has grown to an international specialist in the field of oil product, bitumen, chemical and bunker tankers. The company developed also expertise in dry cargo, container and dredging vessels, passenger crafts, tugboats and mega yachts.Due to the innovative character of the company MSN is constantly improving the design, resulting in more economic, attractive, environmetal friendly and reliable systems, anticipating on new class requirements. Furthermore MSN integrates fuel cells and/or LNG systems into total ship design.MSN works according a project structure with various disciplines in the field of:MSN has many years of experience and is working on locations all over the world where the modular designed systems can easily be assembled, either with or without co-ordination and supervision by MSN-staff. Being an experienced system integrator MSN can justly call itself ‘The Propelling Factor’.

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