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Nothing is more valuable than life. Both human life and that of our planet. MME Group provides products and services that enable companies and individuals to safeguard the long term integrity and profitability of their assets and products. In doing so MME Group helps protect the lives of those involved with them: “A Longer Life”Corrosion is one of the largest threats to the long-term integrity and profitability of seagoing vessels and offshore structures. In fact, 4% of our total GDP is wasted due to corrosion. If you don’t select the right protection method and solution provider, the vessel you construct or operate might also end up in those statistics. In the end, this will not only damage your reputation, but could even harm people as well as our planet.Thankfully, MME Group has decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in applying sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems to protect these structures. With in-house corrosion engineering (FEM-analysis) and value added services such as Non-Destructive Testing, Marine Inspections, IRATA certified Rope Access and a Destructive Testing and Corrosion Laboratory, MME Group helps you realise ‘A Longer Life’ for your assets and products.Our products and services:MME Group is based in the Rotterdam area in The Netherlands. The company was established in 1963 and has since grown to become one of the most experienced and specialized companies in its field of activity. MME Group serves customers around the globe in industr

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