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NMC is a multi-disciplinary solution provider for the shipbuilding, offshore and maritime related industry.NMC specializes in the engineering and fabrication of client specific small, large and complex structures for the shipbuilding, offshore and maritime related industry. It offers a comprehensive range of services, including design, detailed and workshop engineering, procurement, project management, fabrication, outfitting, on-site installation and commissioning.With two large fabrication facilities situated in the vicinity of the Port of Rotterdam with direct access to deep water, supported by a workshop facility and a multi-disciplined engineering company in Croatia, NMC has facilities to engineer, build and deliver large vessels, constructions and complex turn-key projects to a broad range of clients and industries.Grown through diversification based on a large in-house expertise, delivered products and services range from turn-key sea going vessels and pontoons, mega yacht hulls, offshore constructions, pipe and hydraulic systems and on-site installation, repair and maintenance projects.NMC focus is on continuity and long-term relationships, and therefore customers’ satisfaction level is being valued higher than anything; to achieve this, the main goal in every project is to deliver on time and within budget, with a strong commitment to quality and safety. Over the past two decades this vision has resulted in a wide-ranging track-record of satisfied customers, often be

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