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About Royal Van der LeunRoyal Van der Leun works with 230 specialists all over the world on installation projects in the maritime, construction, dredging, and offshore industries. Our specialist areas are organized in three divisions: Maritime Installations, Metal Machining, and Electrical Engineering. These divisions work together to provide innovative, reliable and integrated solutions for leading companies all over the world.Electrical Marine SystemsDoes operating your existing and new systems take a great deal of time and investment? We’d like to help you with an effective approach to maintain oversight while improving your systems and processes. We optimise the availability and lifespan of your technical systems so that you can focus on your core activities.From design to commissioningFrom the design to the commissioning phase our specialists work on the basis of a single work methodology, under strict project management procedures. We maintain full control of the whole process, including the supply of materials and parts. As a result, we meet the requirements of all major classification societies.Worldwide NetworkRoyal Van der Leun branches can be found from Romania to Singapore, and from Dubai tot Vietnam. Thanks to this global network, we can serve all our customers on a 24/7 local basis. We secure and develop all local know-how in a uniform manner. That makes us the pre-eminent global specialist in the area of maritime system integration.Please visit our website www.

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