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Over the years, Shipyard Reimerswaal has been committed to providing adequate and cost efficient maintenance and repairs for a wide variety of ships. Fishing ships, dredgers, inland navigation vessels, tugs, coasters, all of them are in good hands at Shipyard Reimerswaal. Located near the busy West Scheldt River, our yard is thé service station enroute to the ports of Vlissingen, Terneuzen, Gent, Rotterdam and Antwerpen.Ship repair is our passion. Our mission is to do this in a technically correct, safe and efficient way. While doing so, we protect the interests of our clients and the short communication lines between our clients and our management assure an effective approach.Only by delivering a perfect job one can succeed in his mission. Therefore, at Shipyard Reimerswaal, everybody is aware of the fact that good cooperation leads to great results. Customers who are satisfied are pleased to come back.Docking, tailshaft and rudder repairs, cleaning and painting, gritblasting, hydro jetting, steel repairs, electrical repairs, machinery repairs, refits, conversions.

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