Van Leusden BV

Van Leusden has a wide experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of special cranes for Maritime and Offshore applications on board of vessels and offshore installations. Especially in the range of cranes in Engine rooms, pump rooms, compressor houses and other maritime / offshore area’s Van Leusden has a wide range of solutions.We will take care of your complete program of lifting equipment. A lot of solutions for low headroom, narrow spaces, curved tracks, etc., are available. You will be guided through the process from engineering from scratch to the delivery of a complete installation on board all according to your specific demands and specifications.Do you have a specific hoisting problem? Don’t worry, we will find you a suitable solution.• Engine room cranes and Pump room cranes in various models. • Cranes for Offshore Installations. • Cranes on board of maritime and navy vessels. • Rack and Pinion driven Cranes and trolleys, Friction Wheel driven Cranes. • Cranes for extreme outdoor applications. • Compact design cranes, low headroom / max. hoisting areas.• Lifting equipment up to 100 ton SWL. • Push Trolleys, manual geared Trolleys, Electric Trolleys, Pneumatic Trolleys • Swinging beam Trolleys, slewing- and rack & pinion driven Trolleys. • Corrosion proof and/or Non Sparking Trolleys for Oil and Gas industry.

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