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VertiDrive, a member of the BlastOne International group of companies, is a market-leading developer and producer of semi-automated robotic solutions for large steel surface preparation. Our state-of-the-art robotic solutions are primarily used in the maritime, tank storage, and offshore industries, where safety, quality, and efficiency are of utmost importance.Our robots have been engineered to remove dirt, paint, and coatings from a variety of steel surfaces, such as storage tanks, ship hulls, decks, and other large steel structures. In the maritime industry, our robots are highly effective for the maintenance and repair of ships, offshore oil rigs, and ports. Our closed hydro-blasting solutions are particularly useful in maritime settings, where the removal of paint and coatings can generate harmful dust and debris.By utilizing our robots, maritime companies can significantly improve their surface preparation and industrial cleaning processes. Our robots eliminate the need for scaffolding or cherry pickers, making it possible to reach difficult areas quickly and safely. Additionally, our robots are multi-purpose, allowing users to switch between different applications quickly and easily, which can save valuable time and money.Our robotic solutions offer significant advantages over traditional methods of surface preparation and industrial cleaning. Our closed systems are available, making our robots ideal for environments where hazardous materials are present. Additionally,

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