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Integrated solutions for marine applicationsWEG has the full solution in electric motors, alternators, automation and transformers for the marine market. Reliable solutions with electrical machines to handle, maintain and supply services aboard. From technology to services – whether on-shore or off-shore – you can always trust in WEG.Our motors are designed to reduce operating costs, ensuring higher power efficiency and operating reliability, demanding less maintenance.We offers full packages of electrical switchboards, frequency drives, UPSs, and battery chargers – everything integrated and developed by highly qualified engineers.WEG offers full solutions for power generation of vessels, platforms and propulsion systems. The products are designed to high quality standards with state-of-the-art technology to meet worldwide demands, with the support of highly qualified engineering and power generation specialists.In order to fulfill the needs of the marine sector, WEG offers a full line of dry-type transformers. The windings of these transformers are encapsulated with high quality epoxy resin by means of the vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) process, which provides a safer construction for increasingly smaller spaces, where the costs of installation and maintenance and repair shutdown play a critical role in the selection of the product. WEG dry transformers are the preferred option for reduced spaces, since they do not present any risk of explosion and do not allow fire prop

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