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XEAMOS was founded as a joint venture by NPS Diesel and Solfic Energy & Emission. Where Solfic has been a well known solution supplier for marine engine emission reduction for years, NPS Diesel established an almost worldwide sales and service network for marine generators. Combining the strength of both companies, we set out on a mission to provide a new after treatment service. This is how Xeamos came to life: a brand new company, but founded on years of experience and knowledge.Soot free diesel exhaust gases are the new standard. Owners are more and more aware of the impact of diesel engines on their vessel and their environment. Authorities are more restrictive when it comes to exhaust gases (e.g. Stage V/ IMO Tier III legislation) and the public demands liable use of combustibles.XEAMOS offers a complete solution based on our profound knowledge of common exhaust layouts, hull penetrations, allowable back pressure, classifications, safety measures, space constraints and noise & vibration requirements. This results in a practical exhaust system design for (refit) projects which are as compact as possible, innovative and price competitive. We listen to the customers’ design requirements and cooperate with any shipyard.

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