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How can you deliver machine control software on time and on budget? With Digital Twins by Controllab! Our twins will help you test your control software as if you were working on a real machine: allowing you to test in advance, more often, and in less time; and make better software because of it! Today’s machines are increasingly automated, digital, and smart. Developing the control software for these machines is a major challenge, especially for one-offs where testing is limited and failures are disastrous. Controllab helps companies to meet this challenge with digital twins. Digital twins are simulation models that represent real machines with a high degree of accuracy. By coupling these twins to control software, you can run tests just as if you were working with the real machine. This is known as hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. With digital twins there is no harm when a test fails; you can run them over and over again until your control software is 100% perfect.

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