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Droste Elektro BV

Droste Elektro BV started in 1984 as a company specialized in electric repairs on inland vessels on several rivers in Europe. Since then the company has reached the top in the market of inland sailing vessels with its specialty on River cruise vessels.Over the past years we delivered more than 35 River cruise vessels with the cruise market rating 5-star+. For these vessels everything with a cable has been installed by our company on a turn key basis.Our company delivered various electrical driven offshore vessels Dp1 and Dp2 classed. We have built ships with E-shaft starting for the main thrusters were the generator size is smaller than the main thruster motor size; this kind of propulsion is used with pitch controlled propellers. Other ships are built with conventional frequency drives for the main thrusters. The main propulsion is executed with fixed pitch propellers.For various types of ships we can deliver the electrical design and/or material packages. Also a complete electrical propulsion package can be delivered. The complete electrical installation has always been our specialty. Our motto still is:one subcontractor for everything with a wire

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