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Evers+Manders Subsidieadviseurs BV

Evers + Manders Grant Consultants: Accelerating Development & InnovationEvers + Manders Grant Advisors’ purpose is to help you to gain access to grants that support achieving your organization’s strategic goals. By embedding grant acquisition as a tool to realise the organisation’s strategy, optimal support from EU, national and regional grants can be realised.We specialize in several core sectors, amongst which the maritime sector. As such we have acquired deep know-how of the relevant challenges, innovation topics, and supply chain of your sector. Our approach maximizes the chance of success of grant applications and the efficiency of the application process.We offer custom-made solutions, aiming for long-term cooperation. Evers + Manders offers a full-service package, ranging from project definition to administrative and reporting support after a grant is obtained. In maritime technology, we cover the entire spectrum from ship design and turbine installation to energy generation and storage.Our focus is always on accelerating your organization’s developments and innovation.

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