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G.J. Wortelboer Jr. BV


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Our company is located in Rotterdam and we have been working in the shipping industry for more than 50 years, in which we have proven to be a very reliable partner! We offer quick deliveries of all types and weights of anchors and all diameters of studlink chaincables. Also shortlink chaincables are available. Our 18000m2 Rotterdam yard makes sure we keep all these materials in stock for our customers, enabling us to deliver very quickly and to every port or place in the world, by truck, by vessel or even by plane if needed!Should help be needed with installing your newly purchased anchor or chaincables, we have a  professional team that can perform fittings during regular or irregular times; at night or on the weekends as needed,  24/7 available to serve you quickly and efficiently.Especially in the ARA- region, we have many contacts and connections, allowing us to quickly assist you with fittings. Ofcourse we can also be of service outside this region.Wortelboer stands for quality and therefore all of our materials are always accompanied by original class certificates.  We will deliver the anchors and chaincables covered in bitumen or painted according to your specifications.For yachts we galvanize anchors and chain cables or supply anchors in stainless steel execution.  Wortelboer goods can be found on many yachts all over the world.Do you need anchors & chaincables? Come to WORTELBOER.

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