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Geomaat is a large surveying company with over 100 employees. We have 20 years of experience in data collection and data processing. We mapped around 120 ships all around Europe for different engineering- and shipping companies. We are also very flexible, we adjust our schedule to when and where the ship arrives. To conclude, in order to manage your fleet: 3D laser scanning is a clever tool that cannot be missed these days. Especially when it comes to ship repair and retrofit operations.3D Laser ScanningUsing a 3D scan allows engineers to work in detail with 3D models of machinery spaces, this with increased accuracy and reduced costs. Engineers are able to prepare the installation or modification completely in advance based on our 3D point cloud model. 3D laser scanning can be done while the ship is in operation. Our product is the perfect tool for the installation of the Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS). Why? The main reason is the precision that is related to this installation. Therefore millimetre level accuracy is necessary. Also a 3D scan simplifies the installation and engineering of scrubbers. With a 3D point cloud model, engineering and installation of the BWTS and scrubbers are no longer complicated and expensive. The advantages of 3D laser scanning are the reduction in time of installation, the costs and failures. We scan the ship just once and the data can always be used again.

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