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Intercad Holland B.V.


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For more than 20 years Intercad has provided a full range of engineering services towards many established shipyards and vessel owners around the world! With more than 40 engineers and designers our knowledge and experience extends to all different disciplines in shipbuilding. Over the years we have gained experience on many different types of innovative vessels: cruise ships, offshore vessels, inland barges and superyachts are just to name a few. Intercad supports you all the way in the process of ship design and engineering, starting from your very first ideas on the back of a business card towards the development of a fully operational vessel at high seas.In this versatile and forward moving industry, we continuously invest in our people keeping them up to date with the latest innovations in ship design, green technology and classifications. Our office located close to Rotterdam allows us to “team up” with our clients and shipyards during the design and building process and actively participate in the realization of a state-of-the-art vessel. Intercad is your reliable partner in ship design and engineering and we challenge you to experience this today.Please feel free to visit us at

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