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Nexus Energy takes on the responsibility to make the maritime industry more sustainable by eliminating the need of fossil fuels.Nexus Energy developed a PowerPack, which is a Plug & Play zero-emission power system. Our application is an all-electric drive train that produces its own energy onboard. This is achieved by the PEM fuel cell, in which hydrogen gas and oxygen react and turn into H2O and electricity. What sets us apart from other applications is that our fuel cell directly drives the electromotor and is not used as a ‘range extender’ or battery charger. All components are positioned in a containerized module, which can be stacked to increase capacity. The powerpack module will replace current fossil fuel engines, without the need for extensive modification. Which does not only make it suitable for new builds, but also for retrofit purposes.It’s flexible, it’s efficient, it’s easy to position and install, it comes in a box, and it works for you.

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