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Raev & Rottiné Marine Engineering BV


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Raev&Rottiné–Marine Engineering is a company that distinguishes itself with great enthusiasm and knowledge to deliver the highest possible quality and efficiency in carrying out all activities for ships up to 140m. You can consult us for a large range of activities in naval architecture like fairing, scantling calculations, finite analyses, class requirement drawings, checks etc.  We also provide the best and clearest possible construction building kit including side-specific construction methods and details as well as support during the building process.LEAN ShipbuildingWith the implementation of our own developed efficient Hull and superstructure Engineering/Production process methodology, we are able to decrease the production hours with up to 30%. We can help and support you with our expertise in assessing your engineering and production processes, in advance to evaluate the relationships and dependencies between them. Our detailed planning will be your main tool to integrate efficiency into your overall project’s schedule including also the piping-, air-handling and electrical-systems if desired. This way we can guarantee considerable time savings, smoother construction time and building flows that are perfectly coordinated with each other.Many well-known companies have been using the knowledge and expertise of our team of highly qualified engineers and naval architects for years. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions about the possibilities.Let’s work more efficie

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