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Schelde Gears B.V.


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Schelde Gears B.V. is an independent company within the Royal Schelde Group: a Dutch group of industrial companies, and member of the Damen Shipyards Group.DSG has more then 85 years experience in the design of marine propulsion gears for naval and commercial application. Over the years nearly 400 naval and merchant ships fitted with diesel engines, gas or steam turbines, electric motors or complex combined propulsion system have been equipped with propulsion gears designed by DSG.DSG provides support and problem solving for all technical and commercial aspects of gears and other running equipment.The engineering services of DSG range from straightforward calculation and consulting services to complete gear designs for manufacturing under license.In the field DSG is specialized in vibration measurements and analysis, propulsion alignment, failure analysis, gear expertise and repairs.DSG also provides spare parts for gears ranging from simple instrumentation parts to complete gearwheels, bearing sets and shafts.

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