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VAF Instruments BV

VAF Instruments is the most preferred supplier of the top 100 shipyards and market leader in maritime measurement systems. Since 1938, VAF Instruments has gained a worldwide reputation as a specialist in developing and manufacturing measurement and control systems for the maritime and process industry. Our mission is to develop innovative and accurate measurement systems to maximize efficiency, improve operational excellence and reduce the environmental impact of these operations.Award winning innovations such as the TT-Sense®, Thrust and Torque measurement system provide important input to optimise ship propulsion performance. Thrust measurement in addition to torque measurement, offers the unique possibility to separate propeller and hull resistance, this is essential input for proper investment decisions for propulsion energy saving measures and greenhouse gas reductions. TT-Sense® results in the total savings potential on ships’ maintenance and fuel bill up to 20%.IVY®, VAF Instruments’ solution for Propulsion Performance Management, will provide you the fleet at your fingertips. From ship to shore, IVY® enriches big data, for powerful analysis, fleet and ship performance visualisation and insight into the relevant data and KPI’s. All this information is displayed on an easily-accessible dashboard either on an office desktop, mobile laptop, tablet or any other device. IVY® can be combined with various sensors on board, including TT-Sense®, ViscoSense®3D for viscosity, den

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