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At VIRO we consider shaping the future to be the key priority and challenge of modern technology. We actively contribute to the development of innovative products, machines and processes designed to meet tomorrow’s needs.VIRO, an international engineering firm with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, has clients and carries out projects across the globe. VIRO’s staff comprises more than 600 dedicated and motivated professionals who are highly committed to our clients and their projects.The core business is engineering and project management. Our main focus is on product engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial projects. Services and solutions range from feasibility studies, concept development, basic and detailed engineering to comprehensive measuring and testing systems.The combination of specialist engineers and multidisciplinary project managers makes VIRO a strong partner, both for smaller businesses as for multinationals.With our dedicated team of maritime engineers we combine capacity and flexibility with expertise and innovation.  We help organizations on becoming or remaining technology leaders in the international maritime industry. Our strength lies in integrating equipment and hull design within more complex maritime projects. From extreme luxurious yachts to innovative work ships and from hull detail and equipment design to engineering analyses, VIRO Vlaardingen is your maritime engineering partner for complex maritime projects.

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