Eastlink B.V. is a subsidiary of DMT Marine Equipment!

23 februari 2023

The collaboration between the two started a while ago when the maritime market's demands increased so much that departments responsible for sales and purchases became overheated by trying to cope with too high prices and too long delivery times. Experience about the companies we would like to work with for our top quality winches, in combination with more and more difficulties in finding the correct partner, led to the cooperation with the Eastlink team. Eastlink created a transparent request side for the naval industry, which combines the owner of a project with potential (production) partners from all over the world. The project's owner will remain anonymous until he chooses to contact a partner. Only then will they meet to negotiate further all details. Eastlink's enthusiastic team members will see that they will find as many possible partners as possible for your project request on this platform. The idea is to have as many reliable potentials offers to your projects as possible, making it easy for both partakers to deliver on time. We all experience the same issues as a company: long delivery times, high prices, and, more often, a direct attack on our cash flow due to unfavorable terms. We could all team up and join the Eastlink platform, where both parties, the owner of the project and the supplier, will benefit from equal chances. We are all in the same boat, says Piet ter Schure- CEO of DMT Marine Equipment, who encourages players in the maritime sector to use Eastlink to generate the most efficient business opportunities where minimum costs and transparency will lead to success!