Meet Daan van Loon

1. Where do you work and what are you working on there?
I work for Bakker Sliedrecht and RH Marine, both part of Pon Holdings. Together, the two system integrators have years of experience in complex custom-build electrical and automation systems for the maritime industry.

As an Marketing & Communications advisor for both companies, I mainly focus on creating an external need for our solutions and services. I am also responsible for a number of internal projects within Bakker Sliedrecht and RH Marine.

2. What makes the maritime sector special to work in?
The maritime sector has an enormous impact on the global economy in so many different ways. From the transport of goods, the placing of wind farms in the sea or the construction of an entire island. The diversity and importance makes it a special industry to work in.

From a marketing and communication perspective, the maritime sector has traditionally been a quite conservative sector. Although there has been a positive development in recent years. Within the sector you see more and more companies focusing on, for example, e-commerce and digitalization. E-commerce platform ShipSupport is a great example of this trend.

3. Why do you need a platform like Young NMT and what do you hope to achieve with it?
Young NMT is an ideal platform to build a network within the Dutch maritime sector. It offers the opportunity for Young Professionals to share experiences and increase their knowledge with like-minded people.

4. How can Young Professionals contribute to continuous developments in the market?
Young Professionals generally have an open vision of the market due to their limited work experience. The advantage of this is that they often dare to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions to current market issues. Young NMT stimulates and facilitates Young Professionals to think about these issues.

5. What do you think is the biggest challenge of the maritime sector and why?
The maritime sector is full of companies with innovative ideas to make the sector safer, greener and more efficient. In my opinion, the biggest challenge is managing these ideas and making the right choices for the future. That’s why we have to keep working together, share knowledge and besides that focus on finding Young technical specialists. It’s the only way to maintain the technological lead that the Dutch maritime sector has over other countries.