The staff of Netherlands Maritime Technology is committed to facilitating the network in many ways. The branch organization offers professional support for projects and conducts independent research. The central themes are Trade, Innovation and Human Capital.


Jeroen De Graaf 3

Jeroen de Graaf

Directeur NMT

Arnold 9171 Linkedin 300X300

Arnold de Bruijn

Teamleider Sectormanagement


Peter Wasser

Sectormanager Duurzaamheid en Klimaat

Sander 9628 Linkedin 300X300

Sander den Heijer

Sectormanager Duurzaamheid en Klimaat

Peters Erik 59559 Linkedin

Erik Peters

Sector Manager Arbo en Milieu

Foto Lennaert Rolloos (1)

Lennaert Rolloos

Sector Manager Financieringen

Kamp, Vd Karlijn 59660 Linkedin

Karlijn van de Kamp

Sector Manager Arbeidsmarkt

Gatsonides Martine 59538 Linkedin

Martine Gatsonides

Projectmanager Innovatie

Woman Icon Website

Rosanne van Houwelingen

Projectmanager Innovatie

Cindie 9110 Linkedin 300X300

Cindie Aminpour

Financial Controller Asisstant

Joella 9531 Linkedin 300X300

Joëlla Lucas

Teamleider Trade, Events & Trainingen

Egeraat Van Bob 16049 Linkedin 200X200

Bob van Egeraat

E-mail marketer & webmaster