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We see an important role for our industry when it comes to solving the important issues of our time. Rising sea levels, sustainable shipping, tapping into clean energy sources and, last but not least, defense and security. In short, our future is at sea and the time is now to label the Dutch maritime technological industry as strategic, and to act accordingly.

Annual reports

Every year, industry association Netherlands Maritime Technology publishes a publication on the developments of the Dutch shipbuilding cluster and maritime suppliers. You can download the annual reports of recent years below.

Economic Barometer

The Economic Barometer of the Dutch Maritime Manufacturing Industry provides key findings from a survey of NMT members on the ins and outs of the industry.

Clipper (exclusive for members)

As a shipbuilder and supplier, it's good to be informed about what's going on in the industry and catch opportunities for your business. NMT keeps a very close eye on the market especially for you as members. Every working day, maritime-related news items are published in the Clipper portal. In addition to the online portal, we also send out weekly news in a market information newsletter called the 'Clipper'

Clipper Portal


SEA Europe Market Forecasting report (exclusive for members).

The SEA Europe Market Forecast report focuses on newbuilding requirements of various ship types through 2040. Available reports:

  • SEA MF 2019


NMT Magazine