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Maritime Project Management Training

Training 19 September - 31 October 2023

The Maritime Project Management course focuses fundamentally on the professionalization of skills, methods and techniques in project management. The emphasis is on setting up, designing and controlling maritime projects (components, systems or an entire ship) in a practical, manageable way. In good cooperation with all project stakeholders. Sign up

The core of maritime project management is to oversee and effectively manage all aspects of your project. This training provides the foundation for that and answers questions such as:

  • How do you prepare a project integrally well?
  • How do you structure and set up a project?
  • How do you lead your team with employees from different disciplines?
  • How do you deal with changes in your project?
  • How do you deal with the interplay between the project and the line organization?
  • How do you manage a project to achieve results within the preconditions?
  • How do you close and hand over a project?

A project manager has the responsibility to achieve results within set preconditions (time, money, resources, quality). The success of your project depends on how well you set up, structure, organize and control the project. But also how you deal with the interaction between all parties involved. Do all these aspects come your way? Then this training offers you the tools you can use on a daily basis to carry out your role with confidence.


At the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Oversee the entire maritime project cycle
  • Make a thorough project plan
  • Formulate objective, result and mission
  • Communicate about the project with all project stakeholders
  • Divide and structure a project based on a Product Breakdown Structure
  • Plan, budget and negotiate activities and resources
  • Analyze risks and opportunities in the project and take targeted measures
  • Apply decision making to yourself, the team and other project stakeholders
  • Lead the project team
  • Establish and monitor control of time, money, resources and quality
  • Effectively monitor, adjust and report on progress
  • Close and transfer projects


The following topics, among others, are covered during the training:

  • Essences of project management and the critical success factors
  • The entire maritime project cycle
  • Definition of concrete project deliverables
  • Communicating with the client and other project stakeholders
  • Dividing, phasing and organizing projects (Product Breakdown Structure)
  • Budgeting of activities and resources
  • Drawing up the project plan
  • Dealing with project risks and opportunities
  • Steps of decision making
  • Assembling and starting the project team
  • Managing the project team
  • The steering wheel of project control (including Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • Project completion
  • Personal action plan

This interactive training is characterized by its practical approach. We alternate theory with many practical online exercises and you can also bring in your own examples. This creates the opportunity to immediately apply and sharpen the knowledge and skills you have acquired in your own project.

You will discuss the personal action plan with your supervisor. Your supervisor is expected to facilitate and support you in the application of the practical assignments, thus giving the Maritime Project Management training an optimal return.

Training materials and online learning environment

For this training course, you can pre-order the book Practical Project Management 1. This book offers a practical guide for the purposeful set-up and controlled realization of all types of maritime projects. Methods, techniques and skills for successful project management are covered. You can also choose to order a hard copy of the folder with materials related to the exercises, questionnaires, handouts and recent articles used during the training. You will always receive the digital version of these materials.

Target group

The training is intended for anyone who is closely involved in the project management process in a coordinating role. This applies in particular to (future) project managers and project engineers.


The training is provided by Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) in cooperation with NIMO Project Management Institute.

Training dates

19 September (kick off), 26 September, 10 & 31 October

Training duration

3 days

Training times

09:00 to 17:00


Minimum 8, maximum 12 people. This is to allow intensive involvement and sufficient individual attention.


Annage Meetings & Events: De Reidtûgel 5, 9264 TS, Earnewâld


Training price Members NMT: € 1.650,-
Online learning environment Members NMT: € 250,-
Total Members NMT: € 1.900,-

Training fee Non-members: € 2125,-
Training materials Non-members: € 250,-
Total Non-members: € 2.375,-

All amounts mentioned are excluding VAT.

Curious about in-company possibilities? We are happy to provide you with a quote. Please contact NMT via T 088 44 51 000.


Upon completion you will receive a certificate of participation.

More information

For more information, please contact Jeannette Lucas-Colijn, Training Manager at NMT via T 088 44 51 043 or E

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