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Posidonia 2024

Exhibition 3 - 7 June 2024

"Powering ahead" is the theme for Posidonia 2024 taking place in Athens from June 3 - 7, 2024. The 2022 event welcomed more than 28,000 visitors from 103 countries, eager to do business with 1,964 exhibitors in the bustling exhibition halls. NMT will be there again in 2024 with an NL pavilion. Do you want to do business with Greek ship owners? Posidonia is the fair to get in touch with them. Sign up

Joëlla Lucas


Joëlla Lucas Trade Promotion Coordinator +31(0)884451024

Posidonia takes its exhibitors into the heart of the Greek shipowning community, providing unparalleled access to owners and managers eager to engage with suppliers and service providers about their operations and fleet renewal. Technical and operational executives from all corners of the world are present to engage with exhibitors. Not just to discuss solutions but to make decisions. Posidonia is known for direct business during the fair. No other maritime fair is attended by so many Greek, as well as international shipping companies.

Market Information

About 90% of world trade goes by water. Shipping is therefore a crucial link in international trade. It is not surprising that one of the larger shipping events takes place in Greece. Indeed, Greek ship owners represent as much as 18% of the global merchant fleet measured in DWT and counts as many as 4,700 vessels larger than 1,000 GT. These are mainly oil tankers, ore and other bulk carriers, LNG & LPG tankers and chemical & product tankers, but they are also well represented in refrigerated cargo ships and container ships. Looking at the fleet of all European owners, Greeks are Europe's number one, followed by Germany. Greek owners also still have quite a few orders outstanding (spot number three on the global order list).

Demand for transportation boosts both new construction, maintenance, repair and conversions of ships. Ships for the merchant fleet are mainly built in China, Japan and South Korea. Besides the building yard, ship owners, designers, shipowners (technical managers) and superintendents are important parties. Indeed, the latter parties buy or maintain the ship and are responsible for the makers/suppliers list, many of which are based in Greece. Some large suppliers and system integrators (e.g. Kongsberg Maritime) therefore also choose to have offices both in Greece and in the respective construction country in Asia.

Closer to home, Greeks also own a number of ferries, fishing boats and tugs. For example, in 2018 the Greek fishing fleet consisted of no less than 238 vessels between 18 - 24m, 147 vessels between 24 - 30m, 25 vessels between 30 - 36m and 3 vessels between 36 - 45m. All fishing vessels operate in the Mediterranean and have an average age of 30 - 35 years. Greece also has a relatively old tug fleet. Major players include Gigilinis, Vernicos, Megatugs, Tsavliris and Spanopoulos. In addition, Greece's fleet of passenger ships is outdated and highly polluting. Experts warn that the ships in the fleet need to be replaced or renovated. The total fleet in Greek waters includes about 90 ships with an average age of 26 years.

NL Pavilion

Do you want to be in a top location near the Union of Greek Shipowners and Hellenic chamber of shipping? Then book a booth in the NL Pavilion!

Hear here from other NMT Members how Posidonia 2022 was.

The NL Pavilion covers 160m2 in the most bustling hall of the fair, Hall 4. Participating in the NL Pavilion means carefree participation, together with other Dutch companies. Participation includes:

  • Stand construction in NL branding
  • Stand furniture (incl. table, chairs, brochure rack, desk)
  • Lighting and electricity
  • NL Lounge including catering and lunch
  • NL Network reception
  • Collective transport offer from Impeco
  • Joint PR
  • Support before and during the event from NMT

Cost per m2

  • NMT members: € 795, - per m2 excl. VAT. (Excluding travel and accommodation costs)
  • Non-members: € 895,- per m2 excl. VAT. (Excluding travel and accommodation expenses)

Subsidy for SMEs; Support International Business (SIB) - Collective Activity

Your company may be eligible for the SIB Collective Activity Subsidy. This scheme allows you to (partially) finance various activities when doing international business. The subsidy amounts to 50% of the costs, up to a maximum of € 2,500.
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The deadline for application is Thursday, November 30, 2023.

More information

For more information, contact Trade Promotion Coordinator Joëlla Lucas at T 088 44 51 024 or E

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