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Sea Japan 2024

Exhibition 10 - 12 April 2024

From April 10 to 12, 2024, the Sea Japan exhibition will take place in Tokyo, Japan. Also this year during Sea Japan, Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) is organizing a NL Pavilion at an excellent location on the exhibition floor. Will you join us? Sign up

Since 1994, Sea Japan has been held under different themes that fit the trends of the time and the needs of the industry. Sea Japan 2024, the 15th edition, will focus on clean energy and explore different options for the industry.

Japan's shipbuilding market

With a 10% share of global order intake in 2022, Japan is among the top three largest shipbuilding countries in the world. Japan mainly builds bulk carriers, tankers and container ships. The order intake decreased by 4% compared to 2021 to 3.8 million CGT. However, the number of deliveries (5.4 million CGT - 411 ships) in 2022 is still disproportionate to what comes in annually, therefore the order book has shrunk somewhat again.

There is a substantial home market in Japan, which is further strengthened by the country's sizeable coastal shipping sector. Currently, Japanese ship owners have the second largest share of the global order book, leaving Greece (third place) behind. Japan's shipbuilding industry has been labeled a strategic sector. Many orders are placed domestically.

In addition to focusing on conventional cargo ships, Japanese shipyards are increasingly gaining a focus on innovation and higher technology ships. Naturally, these new developments present opportunities for Dutch companies, which often have considerable expertise in innovation and complex ship types. Some Japanese shipyards include: Imabari SB, Oshima SB, Mitsubishi HI, Japan Marine United, Onomichi Dockyard, Kawasaki HI, Tsuneishi Zosen, Namura SB, Sasebo HI and Sumitomo, Asakawa SB, Fukuoka SB and Minaminippon. See LINK for more information from Japan Ship Exporters' Association on shipyards and the location of shipyards.

If you would like to receive more statistical information on Japan's shipbuilding market, among others, as a result of this introduction, please do! The SEA Europe Market Monitoring report 1H 2022 has been released again. The study and report were made possible by NMT in cooperation with other members of and by our European umbrella organization SEA Europe. The report is exclusive for members and for internal use only. You can request the report from Michel Koopman, market analyst at NMT, at


Participation is € 950,- per m2 excluding VAT and travel and accommodation costs for NMT members, for non-members € 1050,- per m2 excluding VAT and travel and accommodation costs.

Grant for SMEs; Support International Business (SIB) - Collective Activity

Your company may be eligible for the SIB Collective Activity Subsidy. This scheme allows you to (partially) finance various activities when doing international business. The subsidy amounts to 50% of the costs, up to a maximum of € 2,500.
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