Arkitech launches the Maritime CleanCabin®; a solution for safe voyages during the covid pandemic

After numerous covid outbreaks on vessels this year, cruise ships and ferries have not been able to operate without severe restrictions. In order to resume operations strict measures must be taken to guarantee the health and safety of crew and passengers. For this purpose, Arkitech selected renowned specialized cleanroom company KCS to develop a fully qualified Maritime CleanCabin® (MCC) applicable for different environments and circumstances on vessels.

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The MCC is a high-tech solution to quarantine contaminated passengers onboard and to prevent disease outbreaks at sea. The MCC is a joint product of Arkitech and KCS.

Quarantine units for the maritime industry

The MCC’s are isolated cabins on the vessel which are kept at Constant Under Pressure (CUP) by regulating the airflow system.  An airlock system separates the MCC from other areas of the vessel. This way, no contaminated air can flow out of the MCC and the air quality in the other areas of the vessel will not be compromised.

To supply the quarantined passengers with food, medication and necessities in a safe way, the MCC is equipped with a medically approved passthrough system. Medical crew can take care of the patients without unnecessary contact. In addition, the whole interior of MCC has been designed to cleanroom standards for hygienic environment and medical cleaning.  Optionally, an MCC can also be prepared for urgent medical treatment.

Research has shown that ventilation is key to prevent a virus transmitting from person to person. The air flow in the MCC’s is thoroughly filtered, monitored and separated. Connection to the Arkitech ARK M20 data analysis system, enables all critical indicators of the air quality to be continuously monitored. The dashboard will inform crew about air quality and critical alarms.

MCC’s are developed as multipurpose solution not only for Covid virus but also to take care of other diseases requiring isolation on board.

Approved technology

What makes the MCC unique, is that the cleanroom technology applied has been proven for a long time and approved by important institutes such as the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This makes MCC a fully qualified concept proven to be safe and fast to implement. All parts of the MCC are designed and produced in the Netherlands.

Comfortable quarantine

Patient health and safety are of course of the highest priority, but the MCC is also designed for the wellbeing of the quarantined person.  Therefore, MCC’s are equipped with comfortable furniture and communication systems.  The airlock and passthrough system ensure that people in quarantine can be personally contacted and easily provided with their needs.

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