Astrol DC breaker switch receives CCS marine product type approval

We are pleased to announce that our series of DC breaker switches has now received the marine product type approval from the China Classification Society (CCS). The series has been DNV marine type approved since 2019, Lloyds will follow in 2023.

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With the CCS type approval, we cover an important part of the market since China is by far the biggest ship-producing country.

About China Classification Society

CCS provides world-leading technical codes and standards and offers classification survey services for ships, offshore installations and related industrial products. The class society also provides statutory survey, verification surveys, notarial surveys, certification and accreditation and other services in accordance with international conventions, regulations and related rules of the authorizing flag states or regions.

DC breaker switches voltage and current ratings

  • 0,25 kA – 1,5 kV DC
  • 0,5 kA – 1,5 kV DC
  • 1,1 kA – 1,5 kV DC
  • 1,5 kA – 1,5 kV DC
  • 2,25 kA – 1,5 kV DC
  • 3 kA – 1,5 kV DC
  • 5 kA – 1,5 kV: binnenkort beschikbaar

Designing safe and smart DC micro grids

Are you professionally involved in designing safe and smart DC grid topologies for marine applications? With our range of DC breaker switches in combination with our knowledge of power electronics and DC micro grids, we help you take the step towards a more efficient and sustainable future. More information about this technology? Check out our website or schedule an appointment with Aniket.

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