German island ferry operator W.D.R. takes delivery of M/V “RÜM HART” for wadden sea operation

The German island ferry operator, Wyker Dampfschiffs-Reederei Föhr Amrum GmbH (W.D.R.), has taken delivery of its latest passenger vessel, a fast catamaran carrying up to 250 passengers in summer, from Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in Harlingen (Netherlands). The “RÜM HART” completed her sea trials successfully last Friday, 03 May. Following her repositioning to Germany, the catamaran will be christened on 15 May and subsequently start service on charter to Adler-Schiffe GmbH & Co. KG, a Westerland-based operator specialised in day excursions and wadden sea passenger transport.

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“We are thoroughly glad to take delivery of this excellent vessel which will in-tensely strengthen maritime connections off the Schleswig-Holstein west coast”, W.D.R.’s MD Axel Meynköhn said upon taking delivery of the ship today. “Sea trials last Friday ticked over like clockwork; ‘RÜM HART’ performed excellently, meeting all the requirements and particularly the speed defined in the building contract. I would like to thank the shipyard, TB Shipyards, for brilliant work. We certainly did not regret to award this contract to partners in the Netherlands”.

Designed by Conoship for wadden sea operations

Aiming to strengthen inter-island connections, W.D.R. decided to contract a fast passenger vessel back in 2017. “The main challenge for us was the owner’s request to achieve a service speed of 16 knots in the shallow wadden sea wa-ters, even against the tide”, comments Geert Dokter, MD of Conoship Interna-tional BV. “Reaching such a relatively high speed with a small design having a very low draft is not easy, but Friday’s trials proved that the task is completed successfully”. At a length of 34.15 m and a width of 10.50 m, “RÜM HART” ac-commodates a maximum of 250 passengers in summer, including about 100 sitting on deck. The ship’s winter capacity – “RÜM HART” has been built to op-erate year-round – is reduced to 150 passengers accommodated in a spacious, bright salon on the main deck complete with a small pantry. “Rüm Hart”, who sails with a crew of three, has been designed with the requirements of persons with reduced mobility in mind. Toilets suitable for PRM are in place as well.

Milestone contract for Thecla Bodewes

For family-controlled Thecla Bodewes Shipyards Group, the construction of “RÜM HART” constituted an important milestone. “This highly versatile refer-ence vessel will certainly help strengthening the international reputation of our yard. I am optimistic that ‘RÜM HART’ is going to become a good ambassador of us and hopefully helps to acquire new passenger ship contracts not only from the Netherlands but also from operators abroad”, comments Mrs Thecla Bodewes, the owner and CEO of Thecla Bodewes Shipyards. Work on the new catamaran has been intense in recent months in order to complete “RÜM HART” in due time for the main tourist season’s start. “We subcontracted the alumini-um hull production to Bloemsma in Makkum”, Thecla Bodewes tells, “on 01 December 2018 the completed hull was transported to our own shipyard in Harl-ingen for completion and outfitting”.

Christening at Wyk on 15 May

Following the handover of “RÜM HART” to W.D.R., her repositioning to Wyk – the port of registry – will take place as soon as possible. “It depends somewhat on the weather conditions, but I expect we will take ‘RÜM HART’ home some time this week”. The christening is scheduled to take place in Wyk on 15 May with about 100 invited guests, including representatives of Conoship and Thecla Bodewes Shipyards. Subsequently, the new catamaran will start operation for the Westerland-based passenger ship operator, Adler Schiffe GmbH & Co. KG, under the charter name of “ADLER RÜM HART”. On a daily basis, the “ADLER RÜM HART” is going to link the Island of Föhr with the neighbouring island of Amrum, the holms of Hooge and Langeness as well as the mainland port of Dagebüll as part of Adler’s wide network of routes covering – among others – also Sylt and Heligoland Island. “We are happy that Adler-Schiffe decided to charter the ‘ADLER RÜM HART’. As part of Adler’s network, she will help to pro-vide better connections for the North Frisian Island’s tourists than ever before”. The new catamaran will embark passengers via its bow, using the shorebased ferry ramps available in Dagebüll, Wyk, Wittdün and partly also on Hooge and Langeness. Alternatively, gangway access is available also on both sides of the ship. Apart from day excursions, “RÜM HART” is also suitable for replacement and back-up operation on the W.D.R. ferry lines, in particular on the route serv-ing Hooge and Langeness from the mainland port of Schlüttsiel.