GMS Instruments BV introduces a new distributor in Turkey for SEMA Gases

The distribution network of SEMA Gases has increased by Turkey. Customers in every Turkish seaport receive from now on premium SEMA Gases from a representative in their country.

SEMA Gases is proud to announce that there is a new official distributor for our premium and sustainable calibration/span gases. SEMA Gases newest official distributor, TGS Teknik Malzeme Ic Ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. will represent SEMA Gases in Turkey.

Founded in 2011, TGS Teknik Malzeme Ic ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. has an experienced and professional team that keeps up quality in the back ground of their services. The company delivers 24/7 service in all Turkish seaports.

SEMA Gases is originally a Dutch brand of span gases in disposable cylinder cans started from the desire to create a brand which applies to all brands of gas detection equipment. SEMA Gases produces single gases (flammable gases, oxygen, toxic gases) and gas mixtures (2, 3, 4 or 5 gas mixtures) in various cylinder sizes 10 ltr, 34 ltr, 58 ltr or 110 ltr.

With a growing network of distributors, SEMA Gases will be worldwide available near major ports for shipping and offshore. SEMA Gases is the ultimate brand to check if your gas detection instruments are still in good working condition, which is vital to your own safety, as well as the strict safety regulations for gas detection instruments.

With the addition of TGS Teknik Malzeme Ic ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. as an official distributor, SEMA Gases brings its number of distributors to a total of 11 countries. After The Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Greece, France and Singapore now Turkey is part of the SEMA Gases distribution area. Interested in becoming a premium calibration/span gas distributor as well? Visit