Hoyer Motors: New test centre strengthens position in relation to OEM customers

Reliability, flexibility and documentation are hard currency in the fight for the OEM manufacturers’ favour. This is why Hoyer Motors has invested a large million kroner sum in a new Danish test centre.

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A strategic goal of cementing the position as leading supplier to the OEM segment has compelled Hoyer Motors to invest in a new test centre in Hadsten, Denmark. This means that Hoyer is now able to test and certify crushing electric motors of up to 1000 kW at short notice.

It is precisely this increased flexibility and thorough documentation that is valuable for the large international producers of pumps, ventilation systems and other applications within the marine, industrial and wind segments. Over recent years the company has initiated several initiatives to make it more attractive to this very target group.

” The test centre is the natural extension of our strategic focus on the large OEM producers within our market segments. Hoyer’s electric motors are used in critical applications on board ships, in wind turbines and on oil platforms, so it is crucial that the producers and their customers can trust the quality of the motors to be able to handle the specified requirements. It is absolutely essential to signal we are a serious business and build up trust,” says Hoyer’s CEO Henrik Sørensen.

On course to the top of the industry

By undertaking the test work itself rather than using a third party, Hoyer gains more control over the process, greater flexibility and a potential to reduce the delivery time:

“Flexibility and delivery time are of crucial value to our customers. We want to assert ourselves at the top of our segments and this requires, among other things, the facilities and the expertise which the new test centre gives us,” says Henrik Sørensen.

The test centre will also provide Hoyer with the opportunity to invite customers to observe the various tests being conducted. The same applies to the collaborative partners from the maritime classification companies such as ABS, DNV GL and BV, where Hoyer already works closely with their surveyors.

Experience from China

The new test centre is built upon the same principles as Hoyer’s existing test centre in Ningbo, China, and the two centres will be working closely together to ensure quick and efficient servicing of Hoyer’s international value chain.

” We are a global company and our customers operate across the entire world. We therefore consider it natural for us to be able to conduct testing in both Asia and Europe. We can transfer many experiences from China to Denmark, and the two sites shall operate concurrently as a combined unit with shared resources and competences. This makes us less vulnerable during peak periods and affords better opportunities for skills development,” says Henrik Sørensen.

Potential for testing with and without loads

In the first instance the new test centre is able to conduct no-load tests on motors up to 1,000 kW, with a voltage between 110-830 volts and at frequencies up to 120 Hz. Over the course of 2019 the capacity will be extended to allow full-load motor testing and tests of medium voltage motors with voltages up to 13,200 volts.

Facts about the new test centre in Hadsten, Denmark

  • From December 2018, the test centre has been able to conduct:
    • Non-loads up to 1,000 kW/ 830 volt/ 120 Hz
    • Vibration testing in accordance with IEC60034-14
    • Test of sound levels in accordance with IEC60034-9
    • High voltage testing in accordance with IEC60034-1
    • Testing of isolation resistance up to 1000 V DC
    • Measuring of phase resistance
  • Over the course of 2019, the testing possibilities will be expanded to include high voltage tests (up to 13,200 volt), motor tests with load (full-load) up to 315 kW, temperature tests and curve measurement of speed torque and performance.
  • The new test centre supplements Hoyer’s existing test centre in Ningbo, China.
  • The test facility is a central part of Hoyer’s strategy of strengthening the collaboration with the market-leading manufacturers of applications such as pumps, ventilation systems and HPUs within select market segments.

Facts about Hoyer Motors

  • Hoyer Motors is a leading supplier of electric motors in Europe and Asia
  • The primary market segments for Hoyer Motors are Marine, Water, HVAC, HPU, Oil & Gas and Wind
  • Hoyer Motors is part of Hoyer Group, which also includes the business unit Hoyer Transmissions
  • Hoyer Group has its head office in Denmark and 180 employees in Europe and Asia
  • Website: Hoyer Motors