Kickoff working group Port and Maritime NL AI Coalition

On Monday 28 September the working group Port and Maritime of the NL AI Coalition presented itself for the first time to the general public. The growing role of data licensing and artificial intelligence (AI) in the port – maritime domain led to the formation of the working group. Ilyaz Nashrullah, chairman of the working group and digital strategist for the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe program, elaborated on the ambitions of the taskforce. Next to this he touched upon how they will provide support the industry when implementing AI. In addition experiences with AI were shared by various industry experts.

The working group will act as driving force to boost data licensing and AI in the port – maritime domain. In order to maintain and strengthen its leading position the sector needs to be able to apply this key technology and further develop the necessary knowledge and skills in this area autonomously. Technological applications of AI in this sector are very extensive.

Ilyaz Nasrullah: “The port – maritime-sector is extensive and diverse, and so are the applications of AI in this sector. The biggest challenge is to systematically build up the knowledge, skills and infrastructure needed for transformative applications of AI within the sector. Providing support and stimulate the application of AI is the main objective of the Port and Maritime working group.”

During the online meeting Anne Botman outlined the ambitions and plans of the NL AI Coalition. Anique Kuijpers (SmartPort) talked about possible applications of AI in port logistics. Guus van der Bles (Conoship), elaborated on opportunities of this technology in the ship building industry. Professor Rudy Negenborn (Delft University of Technology) commented on challenges connected to autonomous shipping and inland shipping. During the session the importance of chain cooperation was mentioned multiple times. Rudy Negenborn: “When all involved parties are willing to commit themselves it is possible to realise an inland vessel that sails autonomously within five years.”  The webinar was moderated by Tim Franken (Innovation Quarter).

The working group was initiated by the City of Rotterdam, Innovation Quarter, Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), Delft University of Technology, Port of Rotterdam and the NL AI Coalition.